COVID-19: What Do I Do Now?

I feel like it wouldn’t be right for me to remain silent during a time like now. If you love traveling like me then these are really hard times for us! Borders are closing, citizens are stuck in foreign countries, trips are being canceled, people are being hospitalized, and quarantines are being instituted because of COVID-19.

Even if traveling isn’t your thing, we’re all human and know that social distancing is kind of hard! This new lifestyle is definitely an adjustment for me, but I’m determined to stay positive through it by focusing on:

  • Downtime – I’m trying to embrace the break I have being away from others and learning to focus and develop myself. Replace your time with a new self habit. I’m determine to read, write, and dedicate more time to my devotions.
  • Health Routines – This relates the 1st post but this is the time to explore your body. Try new things and understand what areas need more self love. My hip flexors need more love asap! Also try new recipes. I have no reason to order out if I’m stuck home.
  • Connect – Hit up friends you haven’t heard from in a while. We’re all in this together and it’s difficult for all of us. Show some extra love, it may sound weird at first, but you’ll be surprised to see what your friends are dealing with!
  • Secure the bag – Where I’m located everything is closed so I have no reason to splurge on unnecessary things so I’m saving what I have. Shoutout to no interest on student loans so this is the time to pay a little extra if you can!
  • Planning – When this is all over I am immediately taking a trip somewhere so I might as well plan a few options. If you’re not into traveling use this to plan self or professional development.

Unfortunately, I know social distancing is the least of some people’s problems. Companies are laying off and everyday resources are becoming limited. Extra love to anyone whose family is significantly affected by what’s happening today. Please know you’re in my prayers!

Also remember it’s ok and normal if you don’t have the motivation to do anything during this weird period we’re in. A lot is happening and is affecting each of us in different ways. Do what makes you comfortable and happy.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Drop a tip below sharing how you’re getting through this pandemic?

Let me know your thoughts!

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