How to Start & Keep a Fitness Routine

I hear so many people say: “How do I start?”

“I can’t stick to my plan!”

“Why is this hard?”

“Idk what I’m doing, I quit!”

Stop all those negative thoughts and keep reading below!

1st: You need to figure out what is your goal? Weight Fat loss, Increase Strength/ Tone, Muscle Size, or Maintain?

2nd: Nutrition – Once you decide your goal, this determines what you can eat and how much you can eat. Majority of the above requires eating in calorie deficit, but consuming enough protein. If you’re bulking you need calorie surplus and more protein than the average person. Maintaining should focus on eating the same amount of calories. If muscles and strength are your goals, it is VERY important you consume your daily target of protein. How much protein you depends on a few factors. Ideally if you’re lifting you should consume about .5 to .8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Don’t forget about your complex carbs, healthy fats, sugars (ie fruit) and consume your veggies!

3rd: Get Active – Your goal in the first step will determine what you’re doing.
Duh, I wanna lift bro. Cool, if you wanna lift weights then are you you doing light weights with high reps or heavy weight with short reps?

Female Pro tip Since I’m a girl I’m sticking to light weights. Said me NEVER. But I completely understand any woman that believes that, because it’s the world we live in. But ladies, don’t be scared! Grab something heavy and get to work. Personally I get an adrenaline rush from lifting heavy so I’m addicted!

What wait about cardio? Is regular cardio ok for you or are you like me and need HIIT in your life? Walking, running, cycling, and the stair climber are all great additions to any program. Bring up the intensity based on the results you want.

Keeping track of all of this is essential to any progress. Great, so how do I that? I can’t even lie, tracking your progress and nutrition is time consuming, but thank you for technology! Shoutout to:

  • MyFitnessPal for helping track what I eat, what I’m lacking, and making sure I hit my protein count.
  • For all of my beginner athletes out there (including me), Fitbod has saved me from injuries and splurging on a trainer. It provides you with workouts to do and tracks your progress. This app has truly transformed the way I train because I learned so much about the body and individual muscles I’m working. It provides you with warmups and cooldowns. You can also choose your workout splits, time, and which machines you’re using.
  • Home Online Workout program, like Beachbody has helped me experiment and understand hiit, weight lifting, and yoga. At home I’m free to try a new move without the fear of someone at the gym looking/ judging me. One day it won’t bother me I swear!

Last tip: With all the information and influencers out there, remember everyone isn’t always right! So many people are doing the wrong moves and promoting things you don’t need. (#fitTea) Please do your research and consult any professional trainers when available! Please be proactive with prevent injuries and stay healthy yall!

What do you do to stay fit? Helpful tips or fav programs?

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