Visiting Egypt Helped Me Reconnect With Myself

Before I went to Egypt, my whole vibe and energy was off. My mind, body, and soul wasn’t aligned. I felt like something in my life was missing and I couldn’t figure it out. I’m another millennial with a nine to five job, but knew quitting wouldn’t solve anything (quitting for me would actually create more problems). I felt so stuck that I actually let society take the wheel to distract me. I reactivated my instagram and started scrolling on facebook (biggest regrets). I took an interest in what other people were doing and what was trending. At this moment I felt worst than I did before.

So I hopped on my plane to Egypt and left all worries and concerns behind. When I landed in Egypt, I was just looking for a temporary escape. I wasn’t expecting this trip to solve my problems (but it kind of did).

As I explored the country, I was overwhelmed by the positive energy the Egyptians showed towards each other and embraced me with. Their bright beautiful smiles and radiant skin was something I hadn’t seen in a while. The hospitality was like nothing I felt back in New York. It felt SO GOOD to be surrounded by people who truly appreciated the presence of another person. Their energy made me just want to be so happy. I honestly forgot about everything that was bothering me. Some people may think this welcoming energy wasn’t genuine and I completely disagree.

It really amazed me how a country not as advanced at where I’m from is just so HAPPY and content. Of course every country has their political and financial problems, but the Egyptians didn’t let those problems control their life. As I wandered Egypt more I became disappointed because I knew I wouldn’t find this energy back home.

I feel like where I’m from everything is exaggerated and we focus on miscellaneous things. For example, it was 100 degrees and the kids were still out playing and riding horses regardless of the sweat dripping from their forehead. The adults woke up before 4am to get their work done (before the heat wave started) and still hung out in the city center to socialize and bond with peers and families.

Meanwhile at home we (including myself) would have all been flocking to air conditioning and probably complaining about the heat or another irrelevant problem. Visiting Egypt helped me to realize that where I’m from we are blessed with so much and are still unhappy. I’m not trying to say that all first world problems aren’t valid, but believe me IT COULD BE WORSE. I know this from first hand experience because I was sick while globetrotting in a developing country.

Traveling to Egypt helped me realize that I was a little ungrateful for all of my blessings. Instead of stopping to give thanks, I just found reasons to complain. I learned that when you let the world take control, society will always give you more reasons to be unhappy. We need to stop constantly comparing ourselves to others because we’re all at different points in our lives. This is why sometimes we need to log off and put the phone down. We are surrounded with distractions that have the capability to make us ungrateful . Instead of scrolling past things you don’t need and someone’s life who appears to be perfect we should spend time with someone we love. Value what you have and share it with a friend or family member. Show them how much you appreciate them. Sometimes it’s the love that we spread that can save someone from doing something they’ll regret. No one is perfect, we’re all broken and going through something. If we let society continue to distract us, we ignore the problem and everything gets worst.

We have to learn to be happy with ourselves and where we’re at in life (materialistic items are not the solution). I feel like we have the tendency to look for problems and complaints instead of being thankful and appreciative.

So for you reading this I have a challenge:

For a week try to not complain (if that’s too hard try not not put negative energy into the world, keep your complaints to yourself).

It will definitely be difficult, but you’ll slowly start to enter into a new state of mind.

Let me know your thoughts!

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