Mexico City Adventure

I recently took a trip to Mexico and no I didn’t go to Cancun or Playa del Carmen, I actually went to Mexico City! (CDMX)

The thoughts running to your head are probably earthquakes, cartel, and what would I even do there. But it’s actually a wonderful city with lots to do and see. I’m so glad I didn’t cancel the trip. A week after I bought my ticket they had an earthquake. A week before my flight there was a photo trending on the internet of a man who was attacked in Mexico City. (I’m sorry to hear he was attacked!) Regardless I still hopped on the plane and had the best time of my life!

Reasons to visit

  1. IT’S CHEAP. If you’re from the U.S. or Europe, book your trip now you won’t regret it. The exchange rate between the peso and the dollar is a blessing sent from heaven. To put things into perspective my 7 min Uber ride in NYC = $14, my 30 min Uber ride in Mexico City = $5. My Airbnb with my private balcony was $45/night.
  2. The weather is perfect, it doesn’t get burning hot but it’s still warm so you can easily soak up the sun while not sweating so much (depending where and when you go).
  3. Because who doesn’t love tacos, tequila, and churros.
  4. There are so many museums and beautiful architecture everywhere.


  1. Definitely brush up on your Spanish. English is not as common as it is in Europe. You’re gonna need to know the basics to get by, although there were rare occasions where people knew English, but don’t expect that everywhere you go.
  2. Don’t drink the tap water or you’ll get sick. Thankfully people are selling cold bottles of water everywhere so you will be fine.
  3. Uber is your best way of transportation.
  4. Eat at street food vendors with the longest line.
  5. Make sure you try baked goods from Pastelería Idea!!


Day 1

Walking tour of the Historic Center with Estaction Mexico or if you don’t feel like walking do a Hop on Hop off Turi Bus. This also gives you the option to go to the farther sights in Mexico and have easy transportation getting there. They have a few routes and you can transfer between stops.

Day 2

Pyramids in Teotihuacan

There are two pyramids you can visit: The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Be prepared to wait over a few hours to climb the pyramids! And don’t forget your water, sunblock, and sun glasses. You can visit the pyramids via public transportation or tour. I took a day tour with Olympus Tours and it was amazing!


Day 3

Visit Markets & Coyoan Walking Tour

This was another free walking tour I did with Estaction Mexico. The hop on- hop off buses go there as well. I loved the walking tour though because she recommended so many great places!


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