Learning to Let Go of My Fears

It was my last spring break of graduate school and I needed somewhere cheap to go. My funds were critical because I was planning my big graduation trip (which I’m SO excited for and because student loans love to kill my vibe). So after a few searches, Mexico City became my new destination.

1 week after I booked my trip a few things happened:

  1. Mexico City had an earthquake and I started to think about every single thing that can go wrong when you’re in a country that has an earthquake and you barely speak the language.
  2. On Facebook, there was a photo of a man in the hospital trending. He called a cab late at night and was jumped/robbed by the people in the car. I honestly thought I was going to be taken by the cartel while the city was hit by an earthquake.
  3. This point isn’t so bad, but I realized that the dates I was going to Mexico was during the Easter holiday. Mexico is a very religious country and I’ve read that the country will empty out because people go on holiday. So it will definitely be deserted during this time. So now I’m thinking that an earthquake is gonna hit, I’m gonna be taken, and even if I scream no one will be around to save me.

If you follow me on insta, you know I ended up going to Mexico. The only reason I didn’t cancel the trip was because I’m too cheap to lose all that money on the accommodations I booked.

Of course as soon as my Uber droped me off at the airport, all of my fears started to hit me. Once I got to my boarding gate, I only saw Hispanic/ Latino/ Latinx people. I was like yo where the black people at (at this point I’m contemplating Ubering back to my house). So I board the plane and the flight attendants don’t speak English (I’m ready to jump off the plane and swim home lol). I land in Mexico City and no one speaks English and I couldn’t find where my Uber would pick me up. ( It was really hot and I was ready to cry) At one point I was sleeping in my AirBnB and I heard this REALLY loud banging/ shooting noise ( I prayed that it was fireworks and not gunshots, so I closed my eyes, covered my ears and went back to sleep.) Every night before I went to bed I thanked God for watching over me and prayed that I wouldn’t be woken up by the earthquake sirens, because I didn’t know my apartments’s earthquake protocol. 

 After a few days of being haunted by fear and batting altitude sickness, I learned to let go and have the best time of my life. There are so many fun things to do in Mexico City and I wish more people didn’t let their fears hold them back from visiting this country and other destinations. I travel a lot, but during this trip I definitely had lots of anxiety and I honestly don’t know why. I think a large amount of it came from what other people said and I’m so happy I didn’t let their comments ruin my trip.

This experience helped to me learn that in life I shouldn’t hold what people say to heart and that their comments/judgements should mean nothing to me. We are all at different places in life and sometimes people can’t understand what you’re coming from. Sometimes you just need to take the risk, let go of the fear, and influences holding you back. You’d be surprised of what’s waiting for you.

Overall, in Mexico City, I had an AMAZING time. I’m so glad I stuck with this trip even if it was the uncommon thing to do. This country has so much to offer and everyone needs to go now! The list of things to do is never-ending but here are a few recommendations/ tips.


If you go to Mexico City, you need to visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan which include the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Although I lost my tour guide and started to have a panic attack, everything was okay and I saw some beautiful sights! (Thankfully the way the tour is setup, if you lose your guide there is security there who knows what tour your with and who your guide is) The tour group I went with was Olympus Tours.


I highly recommend a walking tour as well. (Or a hop on hop off bus tour, I actually did both. The bus tour isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either) Regardless of which type of tour you choose you get to see a lot and learn some history too. I love doing free walking tours in the countries I visit because I get to see lots of sites, get my miles for day in, and I always make friends this way. While I was in Mexico City I did a walking tour of CDMX and Coyoacan with Estacion Mexico Free Walking Tours.

IMG_3407 My last recommendation is to make sure you get a relaxing place to rest your head. Once that altitude sickness hits hit you, you’re going to want a nice place to rest up and hydrate! I stayed in the historic center and it was wonderful because everything was in walking distance. If you get hungry in this area, definitely eat at Pasteleria Ideal they have so many baked goodies and other hot foods you can take back to your place! How you purchase the food is a little confusing but just remember you tell the women at the counter what you want, they give you a ticket, you take the ticket to the cashiers in the back, once you pay you take your receipt to the girls at the counter ( just think of it the people who serve the food don’t touch the money, which is reassuring)

Overall this trip was great and I hope you have a chance to visit Mexico City.

Have you ever took a risk with one of your trips?

Let me know your thoughts!

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