First Trip Alone

Although I have been to London over 3 times, this is my first time traveling solo and YES it is weird and intense as ever!!

At home I am definitely a loner, but I have never felt such intense emotions until I landed in London. I guess the fact of being away from my friends and family will do that. Those people make New York, “home” and very comfortable. So when it does get lonely, I have them to flee to. Therefore, I am distracted from everything else.

When I first checked into my Airbnb I was like woah what do I do now? There is no tour to rush to or anyone’s preferences to follow. Everything is on my time. I kind of wasn’t used to that you know especially in a different city. At times I didn’t really know how to act when I saw couples or even families. I truly struggled with being comfortable alone with my thoughts.

I’m currently struggling with eating alone. I found this cute breakfast place that I wanted to try, but when I saw people inside I kept walking. I feel like once you build the confidence to do whatever you want regardless if you are alone or with people, everything will be fine. Besides being alone is great because you meet new people, like I did today. How ironic that she was traveling alone, for theater. She is a young woman from Vienna, following her dreams, regardless what other people thought about it. I honestly loved that and the energy she carried with her. After the tour we got food and wandered around Shoreditch. I love how travelling solo, introduces me to new people and cultures. I have so much to learn from others!

Traveling solo really opens you up to some things, that you would have never noticed with others and that’s honestly great. Especially when the unexpected happens, when you’re alone, you are truly tested.

The strongest you comes out.

I honestly can’t wait to plan my next solo trip for this summer. Sometimes you just gotta book it. Yeah I have friends who said they wanna come or will come. But when it comes time to make the deposit, they some how manage to disappear among their many excuses. Yes, I also do have parents who aren’t as supportive. I have one parent who is always concerned for my safety. Ironic since we live in New York, aka a major target. Because I do see cops and soldiers on my morning commute.  My other parent doesn’t understand how I can afford such a lifestyle. Even though this lifestyle isn’t as expensive when you budget properly.  Yes, I have coworkers who comment “you’re going on a vacation again?!” I struggle to fight to urge to educate them. Instead I dismiss it.

I never consider my trips vacations, because I don’t need a break from the life I live. Keep the comments coming, while I book my next trip :)

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