Travel With Only a Carry On

This is the advice I read and all time.
At first I never new the purpose until I started traveling.

Only bringing a carry on is one of the best decisions you can make on you trip. Why? Well some airlines charge you for bringing a checked back so you have no choice but to only bring a carry on bag. Also, think about how annoying it is when you open your bag and find stuff missing? For example, after I came from Morocco, the moroccan mint tea I thought I could bring back was taken. It’s really ironic though because when I brought it on my carry on while traveling from Spain to London it was fine. BUT the moment I put the tea in my checked back for my trip from London to NYC, it disappears.

The only thing worse than stolen objects is your luggage not arriving to the country with you aka “LOST LUGGAGE”!?! Thankfully this has never happened to me, but it does happen to others and it SUCKS. Yes sometimes you can get insurance/ credit etc, but it gets really technical and there is a waiting period.

So now you’re probably wondering how is it possible to only pack a carry on for a week, a month or even 3? Trust me it IS possible! I see it done all the time. For my trip to London I am only using a Northface backpack and my Katespade purse. Lots of people use the small rolling suitcases which is probably better than my backpack, but I hate rolling things around town. Especially when I arrive to London during rush hour and I have a few errands to run before I check into my flat.

So how did I do it? Pack only this for my 10 say trip? A few items are definitely missing but I did it!

I always lay everything out that I want to pack. ALWAYS make a list of the essentials. Fit that in first then make your outfits. You’ll be surprised to see how many outfits you can make with one pair of sneakers, 3 pairs of jeans, 3 tops, and 3 throw over sweaters/ button downs. Once you realize what you actually have room for what you actually NEED and it all works out.

You always need to remember that toiletries are everywhere so if your 311 travel bag (which I bought from Amazon) can’t fit all of your hair products along with your face wash and lotion, its okay! I always prioritize the hair products because black hair is high maintenance. Unfortunately, I can’t use anything in my hair, unless I want it to fall out lol so I pack my oils, conditioners and butters first. I’m not going to lie, packing like this will definitely be a challenge first, but you can definitely do it:)

Let me know your thoughts!

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