Traveling is Not Expensive

I love when people tell me traveling is expensive and they can’t understand how I can afford more than one vacation a year.

Yes traveling can be expensive, yes it can also be affordable, yes you do have to budget your money to travel.

Of course traveling is expensive, that’s why tourism is a booming industry. Thankfully we have options like hostels and Airbnbs who make accommodations affordable compared to the hotel prices. I believe that traveling is expensive when you’re not flexible. The all inclusive trip at a 5 star hotel will definitely cost you more than staying at a hostel and venturing out to find activities and food. Also, having a set destination and non flexible dates may also raise the prices of your flight.

Of course this flexible lifestyle is not for everyone. I remember a time I had  a discussion with someone who told me that he told his kids vacations are pointless. You work hard for a whole year to go away for a week to forget about it the week after. I was literally ready to scream, I don’t understand this logic!?

Once the plane ticket is book, you need to decide what is your goal. To get a break from life by splurging on your heart’s desires. Or to dive into another country and to enjoy learning about their culture. One you make this choice, this will determine the amount of money you spend.

Saving money for traveling is not that hard, especially when you are passionate about it.
A few of the ways I save money are by:

1. Open a savings account to save money for traveling only.

2. Using the points on my credit card to book trips. Unfortunately I did my research on this after I opened my card, but I heard Chase has one of the best travel card!

3. Bring my lunch from home, because I know that $8 lunch per day is $40 per week which is $160 per month, that totals to $1,920 per year… thats a few trips right there! This concept can be applied to that morning cup of coffee as well. Why buy when you can make it at home?

4. Ladies I know some of us love a gel mani and pedi. But there are at home gel kits and polishes which last just as long. Definitely invest in one

5. Waking more! Yes taking a uber is convenient, but if the weather is nice and the walk isn’t that far why not walk? Save money and get a workout in! Its a win/win.

There are so many ways to save money, these are only a few. I hope these inspire you to  save for an upcoming trip.

Let me know your thoughts!

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