Workout Supplements?

Do you need workout supplements? That answer depends on your physical body, your fitness goal, and what you eat. You don’t necessarily need them and there is lots of controversy over them, but I think they help a lot! Before I talk about the ones I use remember all supplements aren’t created equal. Before you … More Workout Supplements?

Year of the Return

As a black woman, I was tired. I was tired of explaining myself, people touching my hair, being disrespected, feeling vulnerable, unappreciated, fighting everything that was set up against me, struggling to break the glass ceiling and trying to bring my brothers and sisters with me. I needed something to renew my spirit so I … More Year of the Return

Kinky Hair Travels

Ever since I was in London and cut off all my hair, a new problem joined my life. What do I do with my hair? How do I do my hair? Is this cute/”ethnic?” or just stupid? I did the super big big chop (went bald) and have never been natural before this. I didn’t … More Kinky Hair Travels